Hiker Symbol for the Kern River Valley Hiking Trails


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Olancha Peak
Salmon Creek Falls in the Kern River Sierra
Above Kernville
Giant Sequoias

Kernville & North

Whiskey Flat & Bull Run Trails (biking perspective)
Cannell Trail (from biking perspective)
Harley Mtn/Powers Peak Loop
Camp 3 Trail & The Old Flume Trail
Rincon Tr to Salmon Creek Falls View '17 Update!
Tobias Creek & Flynn Canyon Trails
Packsaddle Cave Trail
Brush Creek Trail
River Trail

Greenhorn Mtns

Unal Trail (from biking perspective)
Black Mountain Update!
Sunday Peak Trail Update!
North Portuguese Pass/Bull Run Peak
Baker Point Trail Update!
Cedar Creek/Bohna Peak

South Kern Plateau & Domelands

Sirretta Peak Hike
Salmon Creek Falls Hike
Cannell Peak New!
Church Dome Hike
Manter Meadow loop
Domelands Wilderness Trails

Lower Kern Area & Lake Isabella

Kern River Trail
Patch Corner Trail New!
Mill Creek Trail New!
Hobo Fishing Trail
Keyesville Gorge Trail
Isabella Peak & Coso Mine Loop
Audubon Kern River Preserve

Black Rock Station to Kennedy Meadows

Bald Mountain Lookout Tower
Fish Creek Trail (Bike Description)
Hooker Meadow Trailhead
Smith Mountain Hike
Granite Dome Hike
Manzanita Knob
Golden Trout Wilderness East Hikes

Giant Sequoia Region

Sentinel Peak New!
Elephant Knob
Dry Meadow Creek Teacups
Peppermint Creek Falls Hike New!
Alder Creek Slabs
Forks of the Kern
Freeman Creek Trail
Little Kern Hike

Trail of 100 Giants
Nobe Young Falls New!
Mule Peak Lookout Tower
Deer Creek Grove
Slate Mountain & Summit Trail
Dome Rock (rock climbing perspective)
The Needles (rock climbing perspective)
Jordan Peak Lookout Loop
Camp Nelson Trail
Wishon Trail

Golden Trout Wilderness

Summit, Clicks Creek, Lewis Camp, Jerkey Mdws Trailheads
Blackrock and Eastern Trailheads

South Sierra Wilderness

Hooker Meadow / Albanita Meadows