WebcamKern River Sierra Webcams


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Know before you go! Current views in the backcountry.

  • 01_BakerPointSouth
  • 02_BakerPointNorth
  • 04_AltaSierraSki
  • 05_AltaSierraTown
  • 06-TobiasPeakSE
  • 07-TobiasPeakSouth
  • 08-TobiasPeakSW
  • 09-ShermanSouth
  • 10-ShermanWest
  • 11-ShermanNW
  • 12-ShermanNorth
  • 13-ShermanNE
  • 14-ShermanEast
  • 15-BeachRidge
  • 15-MulePeakSW
  • 16MulePeakNNW
  • 17-MulePeakNorth
  • 20-BaldMtnNW
  • 21-BaldMtnNorth
  • 23-BaldMtnEast
  • 24-BaldMtnSE
  • 25-JordanPeakNW
  • 26-JordanPeakNNW
  • 28-JordanPeakEast
  • 30-JordanPeakSW
  • 31-JordanPeakWest
  • 33-Kernvillesouthwest
  • 34-Kernvillesouth
  • 35-Squirrel
  • BreckenridgeEast
  • BreckenridgeNNE
  • BreckenridgeNorth
  • BreckenridgeNW
  • BreckenridgeSE
  • OakFlatEast
  • OakFlatNE
  • OakFlatSE
Scenes from Alta Sierra and The Greenhorns (From Oak flat to Jordan Peak), Kernville, Kern River Valley, Breckenridge Mountain/Piutes, Kern Plateau (From Sherman Peak to Bald Peak). Additional Southern Sierra webcams are on AlertWildfire.
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