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Hike the tallest peak in the area for the ultimate southern sierra vista!

Sirretta Trail above Big Meadow
Hiking the trail above Big Meadow.
Sirretta Peak
Sirretta Peak, at 9973 Feet.
  • Almost 7 miles roundtrip.
  • 2200 feet of elevation gain.
  • Up & Back hike.
  • Maintained trail, with a cairned route, some scrambling.
  • Kern Plateau near Big Meadow

Hiking Sirretta Peak

At almost 10,000 feet of elevation, Sirretta Peak claims a commanding spot on the Kern Plateau. On a clear day, it is simply one of the best viewpoints in the entire Southern Sierra. If you like rewarding hikes with huge views, don't miss this one!

Sirretta Peak in the Kern River Sierra
Sirretta Peak and Trail as seen from Google Earth.

Hiking on the Cannell Trail section
In the meadow on Cannell Trail.

Some of the local sights include Big Meadow and Cannell Peak, all of the Lookout Towers in the region, Dome Rock, Church Dome, Jackass Peak, Sunday Peak and the Greenhorns, Maggie Mountain, the Scodie Mountains, and The Piutes, to name a few.

The Eastern Sierra frames one side of the view with Owens Peak, Olancha Peak, Mt Langley, Mt Whitney and several other 14ers.

On a clear day, Telescope Peak to the east in Death Valley and the coastal range to the west can be seen!

To the northwest, Farwell Gap is perfectly in view on the Great Western Divide with the impressive Kaweah Range beyond.

The Trail

Looking up the Kern River Canyon
Looking up the Kern River Canyon from the peak.

From the trailhead at North Big Meadow (see directions below), hike up the Cannell Trail a half mile or so. After crossing the creek and passing through a beautiful meadow, the hike then turns right onto the well signed Sirretta Trail.

Before reaching Sirretta Pass, look for the cairned route climbing the ridge to the peak on the left. For the next .9 miles, follow the cairns up the ridge and then back to the southwest to the bouldery peak.

View towards Domelands
View over Domelands to Church & Taylor Domes.

The trail to the pass is designated multi-use and open to motorcycles, although it is unlikely to see one. The final mile of cairned-trail is hiking only.

While the motos can be a distraction to hikers, the OHV funds are critical for maintaining the trails in this area. Sirretta Trail is clear and in great condition, while many other nearby Wilderness trails are disappearing under creeping brush and treefall.

Another note: The short Cannell Trail portion of the hike is very popular with mountain bikers, especially on weekends.

Just in case: If you need to de-weight before hiking, you can lighten the load in a primitive outhouse on the south of the trailhead (below road 22S07).


Looking up the Kern River Canyon
Mt Tyndall, Whitney, Muir, and Langley to the North.





Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile

Other Nearby Trails

Sirretta peak
The final scramble to the top is easiest from the south side.

Trailhead & Directions

From Kernville, drive up Mtn 99 to Sherman Pass Road.

Turn right on Cherry Hill Road (22S12).

Before reaching Big Meadow, turn left on 22S07.

Look for the signed turnoff for North Big Meadow to the left. The trailhead is at the end of the dirt road.





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