Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Bear Creek Trail


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A big climb, a steep DH descent, and a slalom ride through Sequoias.

Bear Creek Trail in Sequoia National Forest
Descending into a grove of Giant Sequoias.

Black Diamond


  • 12-13 Miles Singletrack.
  • About 2000 feet of climbing.
  • 5000+ feet of drop.
  • One Way Shuttle.
  • Alternate starting points & endings.
  • Ponderosa/Quaking Aspen
  • Camp Nelson
  • Sequoia National Monument
  • Map: Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, 6th ed

UPDATE! Nov 2019: There are several trees down on the trail; it hasnt had the love it needs.

November 2017: Bear Creek has been cleared - awesome riding now! Seasonably dry and loose soil.

Unfortunately, a small group of local hikers are illegally trying to shut down the trail by moving logs into the 2 main trail intersections, removing trail signs and replacing with "trail closed" signs, and physically wiping out the bike tracks, etc. This is an official multi-use USFS-designated bike trail. Please remove any obstructions you may find.

Shredding Bear Creek Trail.
Reaping the rewards.

Nearby Rides & Trails

Under Construction

Bear Creek descent
Some very fast downhill sections.











Bear Creek Viewpoint
Well placed viewpoint/break spot.










The Needles
View of The Needles.







Climbing the Summit Trail

Maggie Mountain & the Western Divide views from Bear Creek Trail.
Bear Creek Rock Drop
Plenty of fun natural features all along this trail.









Giant Sequoia
A ride to remember!
End of Trail
One of the possible endings on this trail.
Dont Get Lost!
Kernville Adventure Map

This trail and optional routes are depicted on the local adventure map:

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