Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Mountain Bike Rides


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Racing the sun on Dutch Flat Trail

The new Bull Run Trail near Portuguese Pass







Clear Creek Trail






Wagy Ridge Trail
Bike the Kern River

Decline Magazine shots 2011:
Decline Magazine 2011Decline Mag 2011

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Kernville Adventure Map

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The Top 5+ Must-Do Rides - 2019 Update!

Greenhorn Mtns

Just Outstanding Trail - NOVEMBER 2019 Update

Unal Trail - July 2019 Update

Portuguese Pass Trail - August 28, 2019 Update

North Portuguese Trail - August 2019 Update

Bull Run Pass Trail - August 2019 Update

Greenhorn East Ride

Tobias Trail - NOVEMBER 2019 Update

Pup Meadow Trail - NOVEMBER, 2019 Update


Kern Plateau Mtns

Cannell Trail - IMBA EPIC - NOVEMBER 2019 Update

Cedar Canyon Ride - July 2019 Update

Sherman Peak Trail

High Meadows Loop

Salmon Creek Area Trails


Black Rock Station to Kennedy Meadows

Jackass Creek Loops

Beach Ridge Loop

Fish Creek Trail (Smith Meadow Tr / Pack Station Tr)


Giant Sequoia Region

Camp Nelson Trail

Bear Creek Trail

Freeman Creek Trail - July 2019 Update

Summit Trail

Wofford Heights/Lake Isabella/Lower Kern

Dutch Flat Trail - May 2019 Update

Wagy Ridge Trail - NOVEMBER 2019 Update

Rocky Gulch Trail - June 2019 Update

Keyesville Classic Trail - May 2019 Update

Kern Canyon Trail - May 2019 Update

Badger Gap Trail

Remington Ridge Trail

Mill Creek Trail


Kernville Bike & BMX Park (facebook page here)

Lower Cannell Trail

Whiskey Flat Trail - NOVEMBER 2019 Update

Bull Run Creek & Smelter Trails

Old Flume Trail (Edison Trails)

Piute Mtns

Clear Creek Trail

Stonehouse Ride to Inspiration Point Ride

Brown Peak Ride

Badrock Trail (very bushy - but recent work)
more options coming...