Local Weather Stations and Conditions across the Kern River Sierra Local Weather Stations


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Kernville/Riverkern | Sherman Peak & Snowpack | Cannell Tr/Mosquito Mdw | Sirretta Ridge Snowpack | Blackrock /Kern Plateau | Johnsondale
Ponderosa |California Hotsprings | Breckenridge Mtn | Piutes | Democrat/Lower Kern | Walker Pass | Lake Isabella | Wofford Heights | Alta Sierra & Shirley Peak Snowpack
Specific Mountain Location Forcasts

Riverkern (on hillside by penstocks/Cannell Tr at 3,044 ft):


Sherman Peak (at 9900 ft):

Pascoes south of Sherman Pass, near Round & Mosquito Meadows, upper Cannell Tr, Brush Creek headwaters(at 9152 ft):

"Pascoes" above Mosquito Mdw on Sirretta Ridge, between Sherman Peak & Sirretta Peak(at 9652 ft):

Black Rock Station on the Kern Plateau (8114 ft):

Johnsondale (4684 ft):

Ponderosa/Dome Rock/Needles (Peppermint Station at 7385 ft)

California Hotsprings (Ranger Station at 3768 ft):


Breckenridge Mountain (at 7485 ft):


Piute Mountains, near Claraville (at 6475 ft):


Democrat / Lower Kern River (2364 ft):


Walker Pass at the Pacific Crest Trail (5217 ft):


Lake Isabella Ranger Station (above the Dam at 2870 ft):


Wofford Heights (2.5 mi up Evans Road/155 at 3935 ft):



Alta Sierra at 5700 ft.

Text link for Alta Sierra here.


Alta Sierra Snowpack Model on Shirley Peak (6,600 ft):

Specific Forcasts

NOAA point forcast for Kernville

NOAA point forcast for Greenhorn Mtns: Sunday Peak area

NOAA point forcast for Lake Isabella Dam

NOAA point forcast for Sherman Peak area

NOAA point forcast for Sirretta Peak area at 9800

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