Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Church Domes


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Secluded and scenic climbing on the border of Domelands.

Church Dome in Domelands Sequoia National ForestThe Church Domes.

  • Sport Climbing, Trad Climbing, Top Roping natural anchors possible

  • 5.7 to 5.11

  • 1-2 Pitches
  • Elevation: 8000 Ft
  • On the Southern Kern Plateau above Kernville
  • Borders Domelands Wilderness
  • Approach: 1.3 Miles




On the very edge of Domelands Wilderness, the Church Domes and nearby Taylor Meadow, provide a great place to climb, camp, hike, and explore.

Church Domes in Sequoia National Forest - the Names
View from the West.

Many of the routes are described in the older guidebook: Southern Sierra Rock Climbing: Domelands.

How to find it

Church Dome, Domelands
View from the trail near the Domeland
Wilderness Boundary.

Drive north from Kernville on the Mtn 99 and turn right at Sherman Pass Road (22S05), Just before the Johnsondale Bridge. After about 6 miles, turn right onto Cherry Hill Road (22S12) and drive past Big Meadow and stay left near Long Meadow(20+ miles). Next turn left on a dirt road 24S13. As you reach the end near Taylor meadow, spot the trailhead sign on the right. The trailhead (Woodpecker/Domelands) is about 53 miles from Kernville.

The Woodpecker Trail (34E08) continues through much of Domeland Wilderness. To reach the Domes, take the trail up about 1.3 miles.



Church Dome Trailhead
Church Dome / Woodpecker
Trailhead near Taylor Meadow.

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Kernville Adventure Map

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