Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Unal Trail


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"The Trail of the Bear" makes some FUN short loops!

Unal Trail Sign
The Unal Trailhead at Greenhorn Summit.

Blue Square


  • 4.5+ miles
  • 750+ feet in climbing
  • 750+ feet of descent
  • Loop Ride
  • Top Elevation: 6861 ft.
  • Greenhorn Summit
  • Wofford Heights, Alta Sierra

Often ridden as a double loop, or combined with upper Just Outstanding, and/or Portuguese Pass Trail, or the Sand Shed Trail (32E61)

UPDATE! 6/20/18: The Unal loop has been cleared, but getting pretty narrow on part of the north side of the loop. The alternate climb trail from Windy Gap has a couple logs down. Great conditions!

Mountain Biking the Unal Trail

This quick local favorite is an excellent forested non-motorized singletrack loop/double loop that climbs to a nice northern view of the High Sierra.  

Conveniently located at Greenhorn Summit, it can easily be added to JO, Greenhorn East Rd, or Portguese Pass Trails.  

Unal Trail peak Climbing Unal Trail
A post marks the elevation at the top;
6861 ft. Look through the trees to see
the peaks of the High Sierra!
Spring riding is full of greenery.
Riding up the connector trail from the dirt road at Windy Gap.

From the top viewpoint area, ride down the east side of the loop (a counter clockwise direction) for a fun downhill experience. Some intial switchbacks give way to a great whoop section with jumpy rollers and a nice suprise rock drop/roller.   

The west side of the loop, a USFS interpretive trail, is also quite fun and passes some Native American mortor holes.

Mountain biker on Unal Trail
Unal fun.

Ways to ride it...

From the trailhead there are a few climbing options:  Bikers climb both sides of the loop, as well as the dirt road that laps around the mountain.

The west side singletrack has a couple steeper switchbacks, but is mostly climbable for fit riders.  

The easiest option for climbing and lapping this trail, is to ride up the dirt road 25S17 just to the north of the trailhead near the USFS Station.  Once the road reaches a large open area (Windy Gap), go left on a connector trail. This leads to a turn around area at another dirt road. Go left and up the final short climb to the top of the Unal Trail.

An elevation sign, commemorative bench and some nice views greet mountian bikers at the top!

Unal Trail view of Sunday Peak
Looking out at Sunday Peak and Tobias Lookout.
Sunset on Unal Trail
  Sunset on Unal trail. Riding down the northwest side is gorgeous at this time of the day.

Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile for Unal Loop

Below is youtube video of the descent on the east side of the loop, starting near the viewpoint:


The trailhead/picnic area is just south of Greenhorn Summit in Alta Sierra, 7 miles up the 155 from Wofford Heights.

The trailhead is adjacent to the Forest Service work station.

Parking is also available at the "sand shed" at the summit.

Dont Get Lost!
Unal Trail Perfect Singletrack Kernville Adventure Map

This trail and optional routes are depicted on the local adventure map:

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