Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern SierraWagy Ridge Trail


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A challenging, fun, flowy Ridge Trail with great views near Just Outstanding

upper Wagy Ridge Trail
Enjoying the revival of the old Bull Run Trail.

Black Diamond


  • 5.5 Miles
  • 300 feet of climbing
  • 3000 feet of drop
  • One Way Shuttle Ride
  • Loop option w/ Sawmill Rd
  • Motorized Multi-Use Trail
  • Top Elevation: 5500 ft
  • Lower Elevation: 3200 ft
  • Sequoia National Forest & BLM
  • Access: Wofford Heights/Alta Sierra area

UPDATE: October 2018: Top section is great - as long as you take all the mountain bike re-routes, which have transformed this ride with some fun contouring singletrack that avoid the steep rutted sections on the original trail. Some are more obvious than others, while some are very hard to see. The mid and lower section still have some ruts, but keep improving. Also, the connecting Rocky Gorge Trail had some work (early summer) and is riding really well - making a super fun J.O./Wagy/Rocky Gorge/up to Dutch Flat Combo ride.

The Ride

Allison Diller on Wagy Ridge Trail
Upper Wagy Ridge Trail.

Wagy Ridge Trail has it all: fast singletrack, segments with roller coaster flow (especially on the upper section), tight technical segments, offshoots with fun granite sections, a few gnarly death ruts, and quick steep climbs with breathtaking panorama views of the lake.

Commencing on USFS land and continuing through BLM property, Wagy Ridge is a multi-use trail that is also ridden by motorcycles. The trail can be biked year-round, except after recent low-elevation snow storms. In the summer it is usually ridden in conjunction with Just Outstanding Trail, while it is accessed from Sawmill Rd in the winter.

The trail connects Wagy Flat Rd to lower Sawmill Road, but many mountain bikers ride the top and then turn off to ride other trails in the area. (See below).

The original route follows the ridge up and down steep hills, and was often rutted out. The trail now has many sustainable improvements, which has added significantly to the preservation, flow, and general enjoyment of the trail. For one's first ride, it really helps to follow someone who knows the trail and all the new re-routes. With some of the sudden turns and quick gravityless transitions, this trail constantly becomes more fun each time you ride it.

Waggy Ridge Trail lower section
Endless views of granite, water, and mountains along this trail.

Overall it's downhill, but there are a few short pedally sections. The faster you can ride the trail, the easier and more fun it is!

At this point, the lower half of the trail still needs some work and is only occasionally ridden.

A local video with great footage of Wagy Ridge Trail (it also has a section of J.O. at first) is here. Another video on the top half of Wagy Ridge below:

Wagy Ridge

Keep your speed up!

Other Trails in the Area

When Wagy Ridge Trail is combined with Just Outstanding Trail, you get a superb Southern Sierra shuttle ride and a favorite local route.

After the initial downhill section of Wagy Ridge Trail (about 1.2 miles), the singletrack climbs a hill and comes to a trail intersection.

To the right (south), the Rocky Gulch Trail descends 1.5 miles to a gulch and then climbs back out to Sawmill Road after another 1/2 mile+ (there was a lot hike-a-bike involved on the original trail, but there are some large reroutes (easy to miss, on the left side) that are now great for biking). This trail is often used to link the Sawmill Area Trails, Wall Street Trail, and especially Dutch Flat Trail to Keyesville for another Kern River Valley epic covering a lot of varied terrain. This section contains some of the most Sierra Slickrock (granite slabs and features) in the area.

AGTO, is also nearby. It's on private property and is a bike-specific trail (no motos!), so the details of the ride aren't on this website. Find a local to show you - its the best trail around! (Just a note: It is not the motorcycle trail that veers left off of Wagy Ridge just after one of the longer

contouring reroutes.)

Elevation Profile (from Wagy Ridge Road to Sawmill Road)

Waggy Ridge Trail Elevation Profile

Elevation Profile for Just Outstanding through Wagy Ridge Trail

Elevation Profile JO to Waggy Ridge

Wagy Ridge/Rocky Gulch Loop and Winter Riding

Kernville Trail
Riding the natural features.

Some of the best winter riding in the Kern River area is located here. As the temperature cools off and a few rain storms pass through, the trails just get better and better.

There are also several loop options on these trails off Sawmill Road. Drive up Sawmill road to the USFS land and park in one of the dirt pullouts. For about a 8.5 mile ride that climbs roughly 1500 feet: Ride up Sawmill Road and Wagy Flat Road, to Wagy Ridge Trail. Then turn right on Rocky Gulch Trail, which ends back at Sawmill Road. (Toughen this ride up by replacing the Sawmill Rd section with the other trails on the south side of the road. For example: take Granite Trail up to Wallstreet Trail and then come back down the trail that connects to Borderline.)

Riders also shuttle Sawmill Road and lap either Wagy Ridge, Rocky Gulch and/or Dutch Flat Trail as well.

Dont Get Lost!
Kernville Adventure Map

These trails and several optional routes are depicted on the local adventure map:

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Map Details

Trailhead Options

From Just Outstanding: Most of the bike traffic comes off Just Outstanding Trail. After the Just Outstanding singletrack meets the dirt road, turn left and pedal a steady uphill grade for a couple miles. At the saddle (highest point before the road descends), the Wagy Ridge Trail (31E84) ascends the knoll on the right.

In the winter, Wagy Ridge Trail can be looped by using Sawmill Road (2.2 miles south of Wofford Heights), along with Wagy Road and Rocky Gulch Trail.

Rock Drop Kernville Trail
Riding the natural features. How can pedalling be this fun? Nearby trails.

From Sawmill Road: Wagy Road is about 5 miles up Sawmill Road, on the right. If pedalling Wagy Road, you will pass the Just Outstanding turnoff in about 2 miles, and keep biking another 2+ miles to the Wagy Ridge Trail.

Lower Wagy Ridge Trail: Wagy Ridge Trail has many splintering offshoots in the lower sections of trail. To stay on BLM land keep right (after passing Rocky Gulch Trail), and the trail will meet with Sawmill Road about 5.5 miles down.

If taking Rocky Gulch Trail: The trail is unsigned and meets with Sawmill Road about 1/2 mile below the Wagy Road/Sawmill intersection (see above for discussion).

Getting a bit psycho on the upper wagy jeep route. (yes, this is a real photo, and he has an xc helmet!)