Mountain Bike Rides in the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra Chico Flat Rocks


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Very convenient climbing and bouldering right off the road.

Chico Flat on the corner slabTop Roping across from Chico Flat.

  • Bouldering, Top Ropes, Trad Climbing

  • 5.8 to 5.12

  • About 5.5 miles north of Kernville

  • Approach: climb from your car

  • Across from Chico Flat
  • Boulders and single pitches up to 35 feet+
  • Close to New Directions & Kern Slabs



Chico Flat climbing area
Just after passing New Directions, you see the Chico Flat Rocks to the north.

If you want convenience or a quick evening climb, Chico Flat Rocks are a great option. It's at the northern end of the Miracle Mile of Kernville Climbing, which extends through New Directions and the Kernville Slabs (Kernville Rock). Boulder or bring a short rope, then take a dip in the Kern River after. Climb here all Fall, Winter, and Spring - or early morning or late evening in the summer.

How to find it

The climbing and bouldering area is is north of Kernville just above the Kern River. From Kern River Brewing Co, drive north 5.5+ miles on Hwy 99/Sierra Way. The signed Chico Flat areas are on the left, while the rock is on the right. There are boulders stretching from the New Directions area to north of Chico Flat around the corner.

Crank Start CrackCrank Start Crack (5.8) in the middle.

Video of Crank Start Crack here.

Right off the road.

Directly across from the Chico Flat camping/day-use parking area.


To the north

A few more protected routes just around the corner to the north.


Chico Flat Boulders

Bouldering opportunities all along this stretch.

Dont Get Lost!
Kernville Adventure Map

This bouldering spot is depicted on the local adventure map:

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